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ATLAS.ti has been a leader in professional qualitative data analysis software since 1993. Academic institutions and researchers all around the world use this tool to analyse their qualitative data. For rigorous analyses of text and multimedia data, count on ATLAS.ti.

ATLAS.ti offers a powerful combination of tools to analyse unlimited amounts of qualitative data (including text, images, audio, video, social media, geo-data, bibliographic references, and survey data). ATLAS.ti is flexible, so you can use it with just about any qualitative methodology. Analyse the fine details while appreciating the big picture, and tell the story of your data.

Regardless of your discipline, whether you work in anthropology, economic sciences, criminology, or medicine, ATLAS.ti will meet your qualitative analysis needs.

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Obtain unlimited access to all of ATLAS.ti’s features and start your free trial period. You can use ATLAS.ti for 5 functional days – not 5 consecutive days, but 5 days that you actually use ATLAS.ti, during a 90-day period. Start your project, and when the free trial period ends, your project will still be saved. Later, activate your license and continue working on your project without any limitations.

With one ATLAS.ti license, you will have unlimited access to ATLAS.ti Windows, Mac, and Web!

You can access the official ATLAS.ti store to view license prices, download your invoice, and purchase ATLAS.ti.

We are certified resellers of ATLAS.ti. 

For any questions, please feel free to contact us. If you want to learn more about ATLAS.ti, we invite you to attend one of our free webinars.

Thank you for visiting NkQualitas, we appreciate your interest! After more than a decade of teaching and assisting qualitative researchers and leaders, we are embarking on a new adventure. I am excited and honored to take on a new role as Director of Training and Collaboration at ATLAS.ti Scientific Software Development GmbH. This new position brings with it a great deal of responsibility, and I am glad that my team and I can continue to support qualitative researchers around the world.