become an expert in qualitative research

How can I conduct a rigorous qualitative study?

For those who want to understand the bigger picture and appreciate the finer details of their data. Qualitative research fosters understanding of rich and deep information. NkQualitas will accompany throughout your qualitative research journey.

ATLAS.ti Courses

Dig into your qualitative data with the tools of ATLAS.ti. At NkQualitas, we count on the most powerful and intuitive software on the market. All of our trainers are Certified ATLAS.ti Professional Senior Trainers, and they will help you harness the full potential of the qualitative data analysis software.

Qualitative Methodology Courses

Textbooks and manuals can only teach so much. We give training and professional support to help all qualitative researchers in any discipline develop their potential and conduct rigorous qualitative studies.

Types of Courses

We offer ATLAS.ti and qualitative research courses in online and face-to-face formats. Find the course for you to learn more about qualitative data analysis.