Self-paced online courses

Learn about qualitative research at your own rhythm and pace

Registration period: Open

Duration: 30 days

Languages: English & Spanish

Format: Online (asynchronous)

All NkQualitas courses have been created by senior official ATLAS.ti trainers

What is a self-paced course?

These courses are asynchronous, which means that you can complete the course online and according to your own schedule. These e-learning courses thus permit comfortable learning from anywhere in the world.

You will have access to the course for a period of 30 days, during which you will be able to access all the modules and materials of the course. The modules consist of video lessons, tests, and exercises. In addition, you will be able to receive personalised support from us via email, telephone, and/or video-conference.

All participants will receive
  • Exercises, extensive notes, and additional resources of interest
  • An official certificate from the ATLAS.ti Academy recognizing completion of the course

Sign up for an online, self-paced course on qualitative research

You can take the course with our unlimited support to count on our feedback for your exercises, doubts, and any questions you may have, or you may choose to complete the course independently. The course contents are the same across both options, and upon completing the course, you will receive an official certificate.

Frequently asked questions
  1. Who are these courses for?

    Anyone who is interested in learning how to carry out qualitative research is always welcome in our free webinars. Our participants include students, professors, researchers, and professionals from a wide range of disciplines. We offer introductory and advanced courses.

  2. What is the teaching methodology?

    Asynchronous courses permit learning at the most convenient pace and schedule for each person over a period of 30 days. The courses consist of several modules that include video classes, tests, and exercises.

    The course platform allows you to participate in the classes at any time of the day and connect to the sessions as many times as you wish. All PowerPoints can be downloaded to each participant’s personal computer. After each module, a test will be completed to check the basic knowledge of the contents of each module.

  3. Are there any requirements for participating?

    Our courses are open to all who wish to learn more about qualitative data analysis. We have taught students, researchers, and professionals from diverse disciplines.

  4. Where can I find more information?

    For any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

  1. What is the difference between ``unlimited support`` and ``no support``?

    These courses are offered in two modalities: with unlimited support and without support. The contents of the courses are the same, but if you opt for unlimited support, you can communicate directly with our professional team via email to receive feedback and to answer any questions, doubts, or comments you may have. In addition, if necessary, you could talk to our team by phone and/or video-conference. If you choose the without support option, you will be able to complete the course during the 30 days independently (no questions will be answered).

  2. How long is the course?

    Once you have registered, you will have unlimited access to the course for 30 days (and you can view the classes as many times as you wish). You can complete the modules at your own pace and availability.

  3. What are the prices of the courses?

    E-learning courses are offered in two modalities: with unlimited support (via email) and without support (no queries answered).

    • Price of the qualitative research course with unlimited support: $450
    • Price of the qualitative research course without support: $220

    In addition, discounts are offered for teachers and students. You can see the corresponding discount code on the purchase page.

  4. How do I sign up for a course?

    You can register for the course by clicking on the button above for the course in which you are interested. Once we receive your payment, you will receive a confirmation email. Upon registration, you will also create a user account on the website to be able to access your course again. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to

Thank you for visiting NkQualitas, we appreciate your interest! After more than a decade of teaching and assisting qualitative researchers and leaders, we are embarking on a new adventure. I am excited and honored to take on a new role as Director of Training and Collaboration at ATLAS.ti Scientific Software Development GmbH. This new position brings with it a great deal of responsibility, and I am glad that my team and I can continue to support qualitative researchers around the world.